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Kerala Fish Curry (Fish Cooked in Coconut & Masala)

Fish Cooked in Coconut & Masala Sauce. Use as a side dish with Rice or any Indian Bread

Tips for this Recipe


Any white fish is good for this recipe. Can use fresh or frozen. If using frozen, follow the package instructions to thaw before start cooking. For those who are comfortable eating with fingers and know how to separate bones, fish with bones taste better.  For this recipe, I used fish from Costco, here is a possible option.


If using dried shredded coconut, soak the coconut in 1 cup water for 15 min.


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Valsala Sekhar

I am Valsala Sekhar, born and brought up in a small village in Kerala, India. Our village was tucked within the valley at the base of what the British termed ...

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