Oh No, Another Cooking Site?

I guess, I have to come up with Who, Why, where, How, etc. etc.

I love healthy and tasty food and want to have it economically also.

I strongly believe that one should not spend a large portion of ones income for food. I learned it early on as a new immigrant to USA with limited financial resources. Cooking ones own meals was one of the ways to live within your budget. So, what you experience in this website is a way to cook tasty and healthy meals within your budget.

This venture started by the prompting of my daughter who asked me for the recipes of the Indian foods I cooked and she liked. As usual, like most of the mothers who learned cooking by watching their mothers and aunts cook, my answer was ‘a pinch of this and a pinch of that’, which was not that useful. So, the idea of a website which I can share and also can document, seemed to be a good idea.

Finally, cooking is an art and a work in progress. Fresh ingredients; measurements to match ones taste; careful and sincere preparation makes the food perfect for you. I have not invented any new recipes here. All the recipes in this site are either from memory of watching my mother cook or from talking to family members. My contributions are – alterations, improvisations and experimentations to accommodate the places and times. So, I urge the readers and doers to make them yours by experimenting with them until it is to your taste and liking.

Why am I qualified to do this?

I was born and brought up in a small village in Kerala, India. Our village was tucked under the valley of a hill, where tea, coffee, cardamom and black pepper grew abundantly. The smell of roasting tea drifts down the valley in the afternoons and the experience was as good as having a strong fresh cup of tea. Rows of coconut trees stood on both sides of the paddy (rice) fields like open green umbrellas as if to give shades to the paddy. There were bananas, papayas, mangos and passion fruits; there was tapioca (yucca) and umpteen kinds of root vegetables; the squashes and melons added colors to the landscape; beans, curry leaves and hot chilly peppers were picked daily; cows and goats grazed freely in the yards and came home promptly at milking time; the clear fresh waters of the river few miles down the hills was home to various families of fish; sea fish came from the Arabian sea which was 20 miles away. In our small farm, there were chickens and fresh eggs. To top all these, my family owned a small bakery where breads, sweet buns (rolls) biscuits (cookies) and cakes were baked in clay oven. With this kind of a background, how can I be not a lover of good food and a food snob?

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