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Red or White – Onion That Is

If the British ever interfered with the cultivation, distribution or the consumption of onions in India, they wouldn’t have ruled over India for 300+ years. The Salt Satyagraha or Salt revolution wouldn’t be nothing compared to an ‘Onion uprising’. Sorry Bapuji, (An Indian term of endearment for Mahatma Gandhi) didn’t mean to trivialize your movement […]

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Is Curry Leaves Really Optional?

5 -10 curry leaves (Optional) – You see this in most of my recipes. I feel guilty about it. However, the reason for that is the unavailability of it in certain places. If you think you can get it, please pardon me, and it is a MUST for “real” Indian cooks and I will tell […]

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Oh No, Another Cooking Site?

I guess, I have to come up with Who, Why, where, How, etc. etc. I love healthy and tasty food and want to have it economically also. I strongly believe that one should not spend a large portion of ones income for food. I learned it early on as a new immigrant to USA with […]

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