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Vegetable Masala Rice

Vegetable Masala Rice is a healthy wholesome dish which can be eaten with plain yogurt or with any other curried dish. Tips for this recipe Cooking Basmati Rice Follow the ...

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Spinach Thoran (Pan Roasted Fresh Spinach with Coconut)

Fresh spinach roasted in onion and coconut can be a side dish for rice or eaten as a salad Tips for this recipe Chop the spinach or break it with ...

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Kerala Fish Curry

Kerala Fish Curry (Fish Cooked in Coconut & Masala)

Fish Cooked in Coconut & Masala Sauce. Use as a side dish with Rice or any Indian Bread Tips for this Recipe Fish Any white fish is good for this ...

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chicken stew

Chicken Stew (Chunks of Chicken & Veggies)

This is a wholesome dish made with skinless, boneless chicken breast, carrots, beans, potato and green peas. Serve as a main dish or serve with Rice or any Indian Bread. ...

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